SoCal Code Camp San Diego 2013

Are you a developer looking to learn new skills? Are you interested in , Best Practices, JavaScript, Web Development, ASP.NET or Ruby? Then come to SoCal Code Camp in San Diego on July 27 & July 28th! We have sessions covering these topics and more!  It’s also 100% free, you can’t beat that deal.

Code has sessions for all levels including many beginner, intermediate, and advanced presentations. 

I will presenting the following 5 sessions :

Here is a complete list of topics. I’ve gone through all the sessions and grouped them together by technology and specialization. I hope this helps you find sessions you would like to attend!

Web Dev      Best Practices     JavaScript     ASP.NET
Databases     Agile & Project Management     Misc     Career
Ruby & Python     C# / .NET     Hardware     Testing
Windows8    |Android      Git     NuGet

Web Development
Responsive Web Design, an Introduction Part 1
Responsive Web Design, an Introduction Part 2
Bootstrap your web site with Twitter Bootstrap
Build a WordPress Blog and Photo Gallery Site in 60 Minutes
WordPress Workshop 101
Creating HTML5 Pages Using Visual Studio LightSwitch
Debugging, Troubleshooting & Monitoring Distributed Web & Cloud Applications
Introduction to Amazon Web Services
NancyFX – A lightweight web framework you didn’t know you should be using.
Simplify your services with OData
Voice Enable Mobile and Web Applications
What is Parrot?
Put your website in the cloud
Windows Azure in real life
Windows Azure Mobile Services Introduction

Best Practices
Architecting for Multiple User Interfaces
Clean Code I – Design Patterns and Best Practices
Clean Code II – Cut your Dependencies with Dependency Injection
Clean Code III – Software Craftsmanship
Clean Code with SOLID principles
Clean Code: Homicidal Maniacs Read Code, Too
Creating Collections of Entity Classes
Data Flow Architectures in Software Development Life-Cycle
Dependency Injection: A Practical Introduction
Learn the Lingo: Design Patterns
Power of Patterns: Refactoring to (or away from) Patterns
10 things Every Developer Must Know
Rock Your .NET Coding Standards (Part 1)
Rock Your .NET Coding Standards (Part 2)
Super-Charged Debugging for the New Developer

An Introduction to MVVM featuring Knockout JS
Angular JS with ASP.NET MVC and WebAPI
Beginning HTML5 Mobile Game Programming
Building a simple Glass app with Node.js and the Mirror API
Building for the real-time web with Node.js
Getting started with TypeScript
HTML5 Media APIs : Let’s build a camera web app in ASP.NET MVC!
Node, Mongo, Backbone, and Kendo UI – Oh My!
Node.js: A gentle introduction
PhoneGap in 60 Minutes or Less
Ten Groovy Little JavaScript Tips
Writing Maintainable JavaScript

25 Tips and Tricks for the ASP.NET Developer
ASP.NET MVC – What a View!
Async your IIS app like a champ!
Building a Business Application in ASP.NET MVC
Creating an Orchard website on Azure in 60 minutes
Customizing Orchard websites without limit
Hack Proofing Your ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC Applications
IIS for Developers: Choose Your Own Adventure
Introduction to WCF Routing Service
What’s new in ASP.NET 4.5

10 things Every Developer Must Know
Continuous Integration for the Database
Discover SQL# (SQL CLR library)
Introduction to Big Data & Cassandra
Computing with Network/Graph Data
Introduction to Graph Databases with Neo4j
MongoDB first steps – Getting started by example
New T-SQL Features in SQL 2012
Tour of Big Data

Agile & Project Management
Agile Games: Games with Cards and Dice
Agile Success Metrics!
Best Practices for Agile Work Management
Best Practices for Estimating Projects
Best Practices for Requirements Gathering
Managing Self-Organizing Teams – An Old School Management Dilemma
Moving Your Organization into the Fast Lane – Delighting Your Customers
Moving Your Organization into the Fast Lane – Making Scrum Stick
Project Manager’s Survival Guide

BizTalk Server Best Practices
Building an IT support team people like!
Building xRM solutions with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Intro To Not Sucking At Presentations
Machine learning made simple
Search Engine-Building with Lucene and Solr
Team Build In TFS 2012
Video Streaming on iOS: The Gory Details

Raising your first $1M from angel investors and VCs for your startup
Screen casting 101 – Become a millionaire!
From CodeMonkey to CEO: Breaking out of the cubicle farm
Rock Your Technical Interview (Part 1)
Rock Your Technical Interview (Part 2)

Ruby & Python
A Hands-On Introduction to Ruby
Getting started with Python
Getting Started with Ruby on Rails
Introduction to Flask

C# / .NET
Serialization and Formatting in .NET
F# for the C# developer
T, Earl Grey, Hot: Generics in .NET
Aspect Oriented Programming and You

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

Git & GitHub for Distributed Development
Intro to Git Concepts (for SVN users, and DVCS noobs)

For those about to Mock
Transformation Priority Premise: TDD Test Order Matters

10 Things I learned from building a Windows 8 App
Windows 8 (Windows Store) HTML/JavaScript Apps for the ASP.NET Developer

Android talks to .Net via ksoap2
Build a cross-platform app for iOS, Android, and Windows by leveraging useful frameworks

Getting Groovy With Nuget


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