SoCal Code Camp San Diego 2011

This past weekend I attended the SoCal Code Camp in San Diego and I had a blast. I gave 5 talks on mvc related topic and attended several great sessions. It was a fun experience and I truly enjoy going to Code Camp, it’s a great place to learn about new technologies and hang out with other fellow developers and friends.

Here are the slides and code samples from my talks:


3 thoughts on “SoCal Code Camp San Diego 2011

  1. I found your presentation on Unit Testing to be very good and interesting. Is there any chance you might have time to go into detail on unit testing a standard CRUD application in a post or short series?

    I feel I’m at an advanced level in writing .NET MVC code, but when it comes to unit testing I find myself wondering what exactly should I be testing and how I should go about writing those tests. I’ve looked around quite a bit, but a lot of tutorials out there are outdated or don’t use nunit which I’ve become fond of in the little bit of unit testing I’ve done.

    On a side note, I love how you keep your DAL in a separate project. I’ve been working on two parallel projects recently that access the same data and I’m using the same approach. It really keeps things organized.

    • Thanks, Ryan. I’m glad you liked it. I was actually planning on putting together a few screencasts on unit testing ASP.NET MVC projects.

      I like the idea of a short series. I think I’ll get get started on that and probably have the first post ready in about a week or so. I’d really appreciate any feedback once it’s up.

      When it comes to testing mvc, I personally like testing controllers, custom routes and html helpers/extension methods. Recently I’ve started looking to testing the view and found some pretty good tools for that.

      Having the DAL in a separate project is really great and saved my butt many times 🙂

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